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Hello! I'm Karol (Charles) and I'm glad you here!

I'm java software developer and I love it. Apart form such a technical back-end part of programming, I'm also in common width more visual aspect of code, front-end. You don't know what I'm talking about? No problem. I have to know and it's my part of a job!

Don't you want to create wabsite, which would make your competitors stunned? Just PM me and I'll do this for you! HTML5, CSS3, JS. Thanks by tools, I'm able to make full responsive website, which will looks amazing also on mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

Now, I want to present my projects, that I'v already done or I'm actually finishing. Just look little down.


Here you can find my last projects.

Touristic apartments
Wilcza Sfora
Sport group
Queen Spa
Next project!

PM me.

I will be glad!